wireless bras


Sometimes wearing a bra can feel like a necessary evil—you don’t really want to wear one, but you do want the support that an au naturel look doesn’t provide. And while underwire is tried and true in terms of lift and support, it can be very unforgiving when it comes to comfort and movement—which is where having the best wireless bra will come in handy. So, if you find yourself racing home at the end of each day to rip your bra off Flashdance style, it might be time to opt for a wire-free option.

Bra shopping can be tedious, and an ill-fitting bra can be uncomfortable at best (especially for those with bigger busts). So, we’ve found the best wireless bras just for you, with the help of Victoria’s Secret bra fitting associate Alana Antol for more insight on navigating the what, when, and why of…

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