For too long, fashion has been a singular effort. One creative genius was backed by their atelier, and as the face of the brand, they could be as powerful as the brand’s history itself. While we’re still continuing along the path of individualist ideology, the walls are crumbling down. For the better. This goes beyond the one-off collaborations between high fashion designers and lower-priced retailers of the 2010s, and is about powerhouses (plural) joining forces. It’s most strikingly apparent with Italian brands, given Fendace, Gucci hacking Balenciaga, and Raf Simons joining Miucci Prada for her namesake label. Moncler, however, has been pushing the collective narrative for years. There is strength in numbers.

The Moncler Genius Project acts as a think tank for designers like JW Anderson, Matthew Williams, and Veronica Leoni, who are tasked with reinterpreting the Moncler DNA….

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