2019 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas That'll Cast a Spell on You

The only thing we’re scared of this year is not having the most creative Halloween costume of 2019, which is why we’re already brainstorming ideas. From totally relevant TV show and movie character costumes — so many Stranger Things costume ideas — to some of the most clever and cool costumes yet, this list covers all the costume bases. Whether you want to take this Halloween to the next level or just keep it creepy, there’s a bone-chillingly perfect idea for everyone right here.

Check out 2019’s best costumes ahead, but beware: these will have you wishing it was already Halloween — they’re just that good.

1. Celeste Wright From Big Little Lies

Celeste Wright From Big Little Lies

What to wear: Small but mighty, Madeline Martha Mackenzie has killer style in Big Little Lies. Her disco diva outfit consisted of a pink windbreaker, sparkly shirt, and teased hair, so that costume idea is always fresh and fun. You could opt for one of her other looks by wearing a conservative but cute blazer with pants or a nice blouse with a tasteful skirt.

2. Taylor Swift From the “You Need to Calm Down” Music Video

Taylor Swift From the "You Need to Calm Down" Music Video

What to wear: If sipping a cocktail fully clothed in a swimming pool isn’t a power move, I don’t know what is. This look also works if you opt for shorts and a bodysuit or crop top for something with a little more coverage (and weather appropriate — it’s October, after all). Throw on sunglasses, heart-shaped earrings, and a swimsuit under an obnoxiously pink faux-fur coat.

3. Princess Jasmine From Aladdin

Princess Jasmine From Aladdin

What to wear: You’ll want the finest jewels and tiaras in all the land for this Jasmine costume. Brightly colored dresses, glittering accessories, and a desire for endless adventure will turn you into this timeless princess. Don’t forget Rajah!

4. White Claw Hard Seltzer

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What to wear: This year, take a turn from the traditional costume, and dress as 2019’s hottest drink. White Claws spiked in popularity due to their low calorie count and refreshing flavors, making this costume a hard-hitting winner. Wear a white tee with the White Claw logo on it and a silver skirt or pair of shorts. Cheers to Halloween!

5. Arthur From Joker

Arthur From Joker

What to wear: Everyone knows what the Joker looks like, so this costume will be totally recognizable. It’s all about the face paint, so be sure to load it on. Finish off this look with a dashing red blazer, and “Smile, because it confuses people.”

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6. Aladdin From Aladdin

Aladdin From Aladdin

What to wear: Commoner clothes with big dreams and a genie lamp are all you need to be this Aladdin character. Complete this costume with a red vest over a loose-fitting t-shirt, and get ready to be taken to a whole new world.

7. Ashley O From Black Mirror

Ashley O From Black Mirror

What to wear: A lilac bob with shaggy bangs and a white crop top will do the trick for this Ashley O costume. Channel your inner superstar to make this look really come to life.

8. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

What to wear: To be the most powerful superhero ever, you’ll need the iconic blue and red outfit as well as some insane superpowers. Lightly curl your hair and pair this outfit with red knee-high boots.

9. Elton John From Rocketman

Elton John From Rocketman

What to wear: TBH, the crazier the outfit, the better. If you really want to dress up like the legend himself, you’ll need an outfit that is complete with colors and designs of all kinds. If you’re really feeling wild, you can copy his devil outfit and go all out with feathers, flames, and sparkle, so much sparkle.

10. Scarface


What to wear: Be the baddest (and punniest) of them all this Halloween when you dress up as this mashup Scarface character. Combining elements from Scar in The Lion King and the 1980s mobster movie Scarface, you can’t go wrong here. Paint your face orange, let your long hair flow, and don’t forget the scar!

11. John Wick From John Wick

John Wick From John Wick

What to wear: A charcoal gray suit with a black shirt and leather shoes are the only outfit components you need to complete your John Wick outfit. If you have shoulder-length hair and a mustache, this costume will really come together.