BTS is releasing their Artist-made collections one by one. Recently, J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok’s collection, which consists of a datori (sling) bag and potted plants. Jin was the MC during the product launch with J-Hope. Now, when 2Seok get together, it’s a riot ARMY, you would know. And that’s what happened this time as well. J-Hope scolding Jin while talking about his products had sent y’all into a tizzy, ARMY. So, we thought of compiling more 2Seok moments that are currently living rent-free in ARMYs hearts. So, let’s check them out below: Also Read – BTS: V and Jimin pull off funny poses whilst modelling for J-Hope; ARMY goes ROFL on VMIN’s goofiness – read tweets

Jin and J-Hope picked each other for a fashion show during Run BTS

Jin and Hobi have been paired together in the Run BTS episodes quite a lot. During the Ramp Walk episode wherein the BTS members had to pick one of…

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