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To encapsulate an iconic victory on celluloid is a Herculean task. More so, if the event took place several decades ago [almost four decades ago, in this case]. Besides getting the details and facts right, the storyteller needs to recreate the bygone era with precision and also make sure the actors portraying the parts resemble those who achieved the heroic victory.

Most importantly, since it’s a cinematic format, the storyteller needs to narrate the highs and lows of the victorious past in a succinct manner to keep the moviegoer hooked to the goings-on. In this case, the outcome is known to one and all, but the journey is unknown to many. For this reason, the incidents interwoven in the screenplay ought to be absorbing, avoiding cinematic liberties. Special care should also be taken that it doesn’t become a documentary.

83 attempts to narrate the…

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