Actor Aamir Khan loves to play dress up even when he is not playing an alien or a pirate in his movies. He took to Twitter to share a bunch of photos from a kids’ party in which him and his family dressed up as the characters of popular comic book, Asterix.
Aamir and Kiran channelled their inner kids by hosting an Asterix theme party for their son. Aamir took to his Instagram page and shared a series of photos where Azad was dressed as Asterix, Aamir as Obelix and Kiran as Getafix. He captioned one of the photos stating, “Obelix, Dogmatix, Asterix and Getafix the druid!” Well, don’t they make for a cute family? Check out the photo below and tell us about it in the comments section.

In two more pictures, Aamir is seen in line for the magic potion that will give him superhuman strength. There are other kids in line for it too. “Obelix waits in line for the magic potion, while Asterix is drinking his dose,” he wrote.

“And Obelix is refused the magic potion by Getafix!!!,” he captioned another picture.

Aamir is indeed an amazing storyteller and it’s definitely a known fact!