For filmmaker Abhishek Kapoor, narrating a love story of a man and a trans woman with Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui was not a challenging task, but more of a responsibility. He says his sole intention was to stir a conversation, not impress anyone.

Now, the director hopes it opens doors for more such conversation, and stories.

“It was a very difficult film to make because it is such a delicate topic about a community that has always been on the periphery of acceptability and acceptance,” Kapoor tells us, adding, “And now, people from the community are coming forward and embracing the film. They are normally very apprehensive because they have always been abused or made fun of or ridiculed. Watching them accept the film feels like a real honour”.

The purpose, as he puts, is to start a conversation. “The audience can never be ready for materials like that. You have to open the…

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