BTS MBTI session saw a hilarious discussion about perilla leaves, and what not. For the In The Seom, they were asked about their comfortable clothing. While Jungkook said he did stay in his underwear, J-Hope revealed that he is someone who loves a robe over his bare body. ARMY had a meltdown about this TMI from the Bangtan Boys. After J-Hope made this confession, fans started sharing his pics in a bathrobe and there are quite a few. While Jungkook’s abs are on display in concerts, the others are shy. The hulk of the band, Kim Namjoon is still hesitant to drop that shirtless pic while Jin is rather coy. Also Read – Hollywood News weekly rewind: Johnny Depp’s love saga with attorney amidst case with Amber Heard, Britney Spears’ nude pic and more

BTS ARMY has shared a vintage pic of J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok from the American Hustle days. We can see a shirtless Hobi trying to cover…

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