The birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda is celebrated across India as National Youth Day. Marking the day, actor Ajay Devgn posted a long note on Instagram for the ‘20-year-old’ version of him.

Ajay shared the long note and captioned it, “This #NationalYouthDay decided to pen down a few words for the 20-year-old Ajay, I hope he appreciates it.”

The note reads, “Dear 20-year-old me, There you are making your mark in this new world as an actor. Let me be honest, you are going to face some brutal rejections. Shy and unconventional, you will try your hardest to fit in but fail spectacularly! People’s criticism and doubts will be hard, it’ll make you question your dreams. You will fail more than you will succeed.”

He added, “But, spoiler alert, it’s all going to be worth it… because one day slowly but surely, you’ll realize, being yourself can be your greatest strength. So,…

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