Ali Fazal’s wait for one of the genres that he hasn’t worked on before has come to an end, as the actor will be seen as a space man in a sci-fi film, for which he shot with a highly skilled crew recently.

Actor Ali Fazal has dabbled in several interesting projects belonging to different genres in Bollywood and abroad. From thriller to drama and action, he has pretty much done it all. But the actor says there’s still a long list of things that he is yet to touch upon. And he is happily waiting for them to come his way.

“There are a lot of genres I am yet to touch. Even within a single genre, there are so many permutations and combinations. I think as actors, it is hard to satisfy us. Comedy is something I truly adore. Our lives are full of it. That is something I have not done yet. I don’t mean mindless comedy, but a smart one,” he says.

Besides comedy, his wait for one of…

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