Actress Alia Bhatt is all set to make her music video debut with the hit music group ,The Doorbeen in Prada. The actress will sing as well as feature in the single composed by Lamberghini famed composer duo.

The song was everywhere, it was most definitely one of the most overplayed songs. But, they’re pulling out all stops to outdo themselves, starting off with getting Alia Bhatt onboard. They just released their new song Prada and well, they might not be able to reach the level of success that they managed to reach with Lamberghini, but it’s still a pretty great song. Along with The Doorbeen, the song features Shreya Sharma as the singer and the video obviously has Alia Bhatt.

With praises for the song and the video coming in from everywhere, people just have a two-word review – ‘Bohot Hard’. This is also the first music video that Alia has ever starred in and it’s pretty clear that she killed it. From her dancing to perfectly capturing the ‘demanding girlfriend’ role, people are calling Ranbir Kapoor a “lucky” man.


i‘m in love with a queen. 🥰

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