Alia Bhatt has shared two cute new pictures of her cats on Instagram. Edward and Juniper look stunning in the pictures shared by the actor.

Juniper, a gorgeous black cat, is seen sitting on a table, looking right into the camera for its shot. Edward, a furry white Persian, is seen relaxing on Alia’s bed. She captioned the photos saying, “When all else fails turn cat paparazzi.” Commenting on her post, photographer Manav Mangalani even offered Alia a job. “Nice click…you can join my team…welcome,” he wrote. Shilpa Shetty commented, “Awwwww.”


Juniper joined Alia’s family only recently. She shared a picture of the new cat with herself and sister Shaheen Bhatt on Instagram. “This girl duo just became a girl trio. Meet our new baby Juniper. Her skills include biting, selfie-taking and being generally adorable,” she wrote.

Alia is a big fan of cats and is often seen advocating for animal rights. Talking to Hindustan Times Brunch about her love for cats, Alia said in 2017, “Shaheen used to rescue stray cats from our building and around, and bring them home. We used to give them up for adoption. Sometimes, we kept them because we got so attached to them. So, I always had these little pets around me as a child.”

“Your pet becomes a reflection of who you are, whether it’s a cat or a dog. Edward is playful and energetic because I’m like that. I’m not an introvert, so he isn’t either. They pick up your vibe,” she had said.

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Alia currently lives with her sister Shaheen in Mumbai. She was also living with her boyfriend, actor Ranbir Kapoor during the coronavirus lockdown. Earlier this week, she took to Instagram to share a picture with Shaheen.

“Pink sunset and a cool breeze, thoroughly enjoyed by two sweet peas,” wrote the actor as she shared the selfie on Instagram. The beautiful picture them smiling for the camera.


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