Dharmendra revealed that his sleep is often elusive. The veteran actor tweeted about it when a fan reminded him that he must not stay up late. The fan was responding to a tweet in which the actor shared a “badly edited” clip from one of his songs.

A fan wrote to Dharmendra, “Itni raat ko jaagna sehat ke liye theek nahi hai sir (It is not good for health to stay up so late).” He was responding to a midnight post that Dharmendra had made.

Dharmendra responded to the fan with, “Neend ke bhi….apne hi nakhare hote hain . Akshay, kabhi kabhi bardasht karne padte hai ….. ab so jaoonga. (Sleep has its own ways and we need to bear with those. I will go to sleep now).”

The fan was responding to Dharmendra’s tweet in which he shared…

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