“How can I talk about a project when my country is suffering? How can I be so shameless and selfish,” questions actor Amit Sadh, expressing his disbelief at people using social media to flaunt their privileged life, at a time when millions of people are suffering due to the intensifying Covid-19 crisis.

“I don’t care about myself right now because the life force of the world, especially in India, is at a halt. We’re suffering, so how can I talk about a project? We’re in the middle of a pandemic, and we need to understand that this is not a joke and take it seriously,” Sadh shares.

The actor is very upset with how the crisis is unfolding in the country, and how some people are turning blind eye towards it. That is the reason why he decided to take a break from social media on April 7.

“It has been troubling me. For me, this is not the best time to put my silly pictures and motivate. Insaan motivate tab hota hai jab woh khush hota hai, jab kaam hota hai,” adds the 41-year-old.

Right now, work is also not happening at the same pace, as most people are struggling with their own problems. “Somebody has Covid, somebody doesn’t have salary, somebody doesn’t have work, somebody’s parents are sick,” points Sadh, and continues, “How will my quote or my reel or my dancing move or my comedy will inspire them? That is the reason why I made the decision that I’m going to go off from posting about my life and how amazing I am and how everything is so perfect.”

The actor, who has recently come back from Dubai after getting his knee treated, feels it’s not the right time to “show how privileged we are and rub it on people who’re struggling”.

He explains, “Agar hum 10 din apne post nahi dalenge, aur gym ki photo nahi dikhayenge, ya nahi dikhayenge ke hamari life kitni achi hai (toh kuch nahi hoga). If somebody thinks ke unki photo dalne se log inspire ho rahe hain, then they are being foolish. I don’t want to be foolish.”

According to Sadh, people, at present, are being very “insensitive” with the kind of tone they are adapting for their social media.

“They are not asking the people about their hardships, and just putting pictures, or I did this and that, or bought that, or this is my next movie. I am a part of it too. I am disgusted with myself too, and that’s why I stopped it,” he says.

While the country is “suffering”, the actor realised that he should just call up some people and check on them. “In abroad, nobody’s telling how they celebrated their birthday, or attended which party. Brad Pitt ka bhi birthday tha, usne toh nahi dhikhaya ke dekho meine kitne logon ke saath party ki,” he compares.

Here, Sadh points out that he is not against living, or doesn’t believe that having privilege is a sin.

“But this is not the time to flaunt the privileges. In India, I’m just a little upset with how rich people are behaving as if COVID hua hi nahi hai, and humare liye covid hua hi nahi hai. That is not a good and very insensitive message,” points out a disturbed Sadh.

Before concluding, the actor asserts that one needs to dig in and see how they can be relevant to our country and to our society.

“Dawai lekar, doctor ko phone karke ya kisse se baat karke. I don’t know how we are being relevant by showing our privileged live on Instagram,” he ends.

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