Angad Bedi has figured out the secret to wedded bliss – always listen to your wife. He took to his Instagram account to share an important video message, but was interrupted by his wife Neha Dhupia, who asked him to hurry up and come to eat as the food was getting cold.

The video begins with Angad greeting his fans and asking how they are holding up during the lockdown. He then starts to give an important message, but gets interrupted by Neha, who tells him that the food is ready.

Angad then advises all husbands to listen to their wives, as Neha cuts him off yet again and tells him to join them for lunch, “Come now, rajma thande ho rahe hai (the rajma is getting cold). Come fast, please!”

“Rajma thande ho rahe… to love your life.. you have to love your wife.. @nehadhupia #siyappapaegayaghare #loveyourlifeloveyourwife,” his caption read.

Fans loved the funny video. “Awww u soooo soooo cute… Ur expressions,” one Instagram user wrote. “Kamaal paaji (Wonderful, brother).. killed it !!” another commented. “Hahahha apka dard smjh gaye bhai (we understand your pain, brother),” another wrote.


Angad and Neha got married in May 2018 and welcomed their first child, a daughter named Mehr, six months later. Earlier, on her podcast, he opened up about breaking the news of her pregnancy to her parents before their wedding.

“The second day that I came to your house, I was extremely nervous, because that was Judgment Day. To break the news to your parents, I had cold feet. I knew that clearly, it’s not going to come from you. Everything has to come from me. I had to really man up and speak and I just had to blurt it out and see the reaction,” Angad told Neha on the show.

“Obviously, your mom got really mad. Khoon nikla unke naak se (Her nose started bleeding) and all that happened. Thoda dramatic tha mere liye. Bohot jhaad padi (It was a little dramatic for me. I got scolded a lot),” he added.

Angad said that he got tired of Neha’s mother’s constant scolding after a point. “Everybody makes mistakes but for me, this was not a mistake because this had to be done non-linear so that we could settle down. Daant suni, jhaad suni (I patiently heard her as she scolded me). It went on and on. Then I got fed up. I said, ‘Ek second.’ She said, ‘Ki hai?’ I was like, ‘You should be glad that I’m not firing blanks,’” he said.

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