Anirban Blah pushed himself against me and kissed me: Meira Omar recounts #MeToo horror

Aspiring actress Meira Omar shared her nightmarish experience of sexual harassment at the hands of Bollywood talent manager Anirban Blah.

The #MeToo movement continues to rage through India as several women have gathered courage and strength to speak about their sexual harassment ordeals at the hands of powerful men.
Aspiring actress Meira Omar shared her horrific experience of sexual harassment with a daily. She said that in 2016, she came to India, Mumbai, to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress.
Meira did her research and found out that KWAN was a reputed talent agency. Unaware about the rumours floating about him, she reached out to Anirban and he enabled a meeting with her agency. She was a bit disappointed after their first meeting, as she felt that it hadn’t gone well.
However later, Anirban reached out to her. “He contacted me and asked about the meeting with the team. I told him the truth and he replied to me saying, ‘Listen, my team is very basic. They only go for girls who are in the top league today. They don’t know how to spot a star in the making. I am the one who creates stars and sees something, when no one else can. This is what I’m known for.'”
Meira felt encouraged about this conversation as she felt that Anirban was implying that she might have something unique about her. He requested to meet her privately so that he could evaluate her personally. “He asked me to come over to his work space, as meeting in a public space would give people the wrong idea. He specifically mentioned that he didn’t want tabloids writing about it,” related Meira.
She said that she felt something was off, but she ignored her instincts. She found that his ‘work space’ was actually an apartment in Juhu, where would stay away from his family in Bandra. He started commenting on her appearance and told her to let her hair down and be comfortable. Initially they sat on the sofa, and had a normal conversation.
“Everything he said that night was about how he is a man who can get girls to come out of their shell, bring out their inner sexiness and awaken other desires in men.
“He stressed that all this makes one a star. He even went ahead and told me about a specific case where a a girl reached out to him and she was gorgeous, but too timid and shy. So he locked her in his balcony in that same Juhu apartment, where we were sitting and forced her to masturbate. He narrated the story to me with a sense of pride. He showed me pictures of the girl he was currently working on, pointing out the difference between before he discovered her, and after he did,” added Meira.