Now that actor Annup Soni is primarily working in the web space, the 46-year-old is grateful for the medium for helping him reintroduce himself to the audience as well as filmmakers as an actor.

This year has been a mixed bag for actor Annup Sonii. In a pandemic-stricken year when artistes struggled to get work, the actor not only had web releases such as Tandav and Ramyug come out but also a theatrical release with Satyameva Jayate 2, while shooting other projects. But at the same time, he confesses that he also had to let some opportunities go.

“I won’t say that year was great…because of the second wave a lot of projects got postponed. When we started working again, all projects started at the same time and the loss that for me was that I had to leave a couple of projects because the dates were clashing,” he says.

But Sonii is not dwelling on what didn’t happen….

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