Anushka Sharma, taking to her Instagram Stories, shared a message thanking those who refrained from publishing Vamika’s pictures on public platforms and made a request to those who didn’t. Earlier this week, Anushka and Virat were seen boarding a flight to South Africa with Vamika in the actor’s arms. 

“We are deeply thankful to the Indian paparazzi and most of the media fraternity for not publishing pictures/videos of Vamika. As parents, our request to the few who carried the images/video will be to support us going forward,” the note read, seemingly written on behalf of her and her husband, cricketer Virat Kohli. 

“We seek privacy for our child and would like to do our best to give her a chance to live her life freely away from media and social media. As she is older, we cannot restrict her movement and hence your support is needed so kindly practice (retrain) in the matter….

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