Closets overflowing with Hermès, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton will always signal a high fashion pedigree—but lately, there’s one piece that’s become even more of a cult status symbol, with an endearing subversive twist: the baseball cap.

The accessory certainly isn’t new, but its presence has expanded in the fashion world, and to boot, more and more caps have gained a captivating aura of cool that’s hard to miss. Celebrities ranging from Emily Ratajkowski to Jennifer Lopez have been diving deep into the look. This isn’t just about your typical New York Yankees cap, nor is it the decidedly over-designed luxury versions of designer baseball caps. This particular look centers around merch-y caps from your favorite bookstores, clubs, restaurants, and even events; the kind of caps that you can often only buy in person. Think: Amber Waves Farm, E11EVEN, Sunset Tower, and Sky Ting…

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