Take a moment for yourself, Aries. Ever since expansive Jupiter moved into your sign on May 10, you’ve been going nonstop. There’ve been so many new experiences to take in, and it’s been exciting. But even for your energetic sign, it’s been a lot to process!

Lucky for you, the remedy for overwhelm arrives this month. Until July 22, Cancer season sounds the call for a hearty dose of self-care—with a few side trips to the nearest beach, pool or hammock. Touch down at home base as much as you can while the Sun is in your nurturing, domestic fourth house. Focus on your personal needs and connect with your loved ones.

Another reason to pace yourself? The slow-moving outer planets are filing into retrograde repose, as they do for several months each year. Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are already in their “sleep mode,” and, at the end of this month, Jupiter will join…

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