Actor Arjun Kapoor shared a quote about the difference between self promotion and promoting one’s work. 

On Monday, actor Arjun Kapoor shared a quote on the difference between “promoting yourself” and “promoting your work.” Actor Anushka Sharma reacted to Arjun’s story.

Arjun shared a quote by American author Adam Grant, which read, “There’s a difference between promoting yourself and promoting your work. Promoting yourself is flaunting what you achieve in an effort to get attention. ‘I’m amazing!’ Promoting your work is sharing what you create in an effort to make a contribution. ‘I hope this adds value’.” Posting it, Arjun added, “If most people in our profession understood this difference we would be making better films.”

Arjun Kapoor shares a post.
Arjun Kapoor shares a post.

Actor Anushka Sharma agreed with Arjun’s post and seconded him by reposting his story. She wrote, “A hundred…

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