Many years ago, my Dad took me on a family trip to Puerta Vallarta, which I was informed was “John Huston’s island.”

In fact, once we arrived, I was given a map showing me where I could a find a museum dedicated to the legendary director. The map took me to the dilapidated corner of an outdoor eatery, where the “museum” consisted of a framed picture of Huston and a weathered poster of his “Wise Blood.”

So much for the John Huston Museum.

On other hand, there’s Faro Island, which was the home and frequent filming location of the late, magnificent director Ingmar Bergman. Writer/director Mia Hanson-Love’s “Bergman Island” depicts a filmmaker (Tim Roth) and his wife (Vicky Krieps) vacationing to the gorgeous location, where they tour the sites and develop their ideas. In every instance, this stodgy drama made me want to visit the island or watch a…

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