body shimmer oils


All that glitters isn’t gold, except when we’re talking about body shimmering oils. Imagine lying on a beach or by a pool, the sun kissing every gold fleck in your body oil and leaving you glowing (and tanned) from head to toe. Unlike regular body oils, shimmering body oils are a sexier option made with skin-loving natural oils, golden flecks, and tropical smells that are traditionally associated with the summer but may be used all year.

“Shimmer oil is used to highlight and accentuate areas of the skin. It leaves your skin sparkly, glowing, radiant, and hydrated. Shimmer oil can be used anywhere you want to glow—all over your face, neck, cleavage, arms, thighs, and shoulders. Focus on areas that naturally catch the light,” Gisaura Laporte, owner of Hair and Makeup by Gisaura at Sola Salons, tells…

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