Who among us doesn’t have a soft spot for footwear? For all that fashion month is—and it is many, many things—it’s both the best and worst occasion for anyone with a shoe habit. The spring/summer 2023 showings have been no exception, and the outlook for the season’s shoe trends is a beautiful one indeed. What lies ahead is equal parts whimsical and rustic, nostalgic and futuristic. Models all around the world, from New York and London to Paris and Milan, have spent the last few weeks romping on catwalks and making us all believe that rent will have to somehow pay itself, because I might die without those mules. Below, read up on the spring 2023 shoe trends you’re bound to see everywhere come springtime. Who knows, you just might find something to add to your cart ahead of time.

Ballet Flats

spring 2023 shoe trends

Slaven Vlasic

Far and away, the biggest shoe trend of note right now is ballet…

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