Dipika and Jasleen are talking Srishty. Sreesanth is furious at Dipika. He feels she is not happy with just the punishment meted out to Saba and Srishty. She now wants them in the kalkothri. Sreesanth feels Nehha and Dipika have got Jasleen on their side.
Sreesanth is convinced Dipika wants to evict all the celebrities so that she can stay in the race. Sreesanth is sure once he gets in Dipika will come to him crying. He also feels Deepak and Romil are masters of the game.
He is also worried about Somi because if Saba goes to jail she has to tag along because they are a jodi. They feel Dipika should go inside the jail.
Bigg Boss asks everyone to say who should be sent to jail. All of them start talking together. Sreesanth feels Karan is getting affected by people around him. Srishty Rode was highly disappointed with the singles as they held her responsible for attacking Saba Khan and hurting herself in anger.
Turn by turn the housemates try to pacify Srishty’s anger, but all efforts eventually go in vain. Karanvir’s double standards, had Surbhi pick up a fight with him. Saba and Somi add fuel to the fire as they show their disappointment on Karanvir’s comment on their presence in the Bigg Boss House. Srishty names Dipika.
By Aapsi Sehmati, Srishty Rode and Shivashish – Saurabh get the jail term. Bigg Boss announced, an Oppo Flash Charge Task, where the captains of the house, Surbhi Rana and Romil Chaudhary, had to choose four contestants, two from singles and two from the jodis, who they thought needed a flash charge that will help amp up their game.
The fellow contestants had to point out their strengths and weaknesses while the in-task contestants defended themselves from their accusations. From singles, Nehha, Dipika were selected and from jodis, Urvashi and Jasleen. Contestants threw a volley of accusations and allegations at each other.