Tonight’s Weekend Ka Vaar is not going to be easy for the housemates. Host Salman Khan is upset with the behaviour of the contestants in the house this week and has warned them to not get physical. He said that if the contestants get physically violent in the house, again, he will make sure that they are evicted from the house.
The Weekend Ka Vaar episode is expected to be a mix of Navratri Celebrations with special guest Kajol, who enters the house to promote her film Helicopter Eela, and Salman taking class of the housemates.
Here are the Bigg Boss 12 house live updates:
9:47pm: Salman announces that either Karanvir or Nehha will be evicted from the house tomorrow. He tells the audience to stay tuned to the show because tomorrow the housemates will celebrate Navratri and Bollywood actor Kajol will bring joy in the house. Soon, he bids goodbye to the audience.
9:44pm: Shivashish Mishra says he isn’t at fault, but Salman Khan asks if violence is allowed in the house. Deepak Thakur says Shivashish is extremely mean and self-centered.  While Sreesanth expresses Shivashish Mishra should apologise, Shivashish continues to argue with Salman Khan which irritates the housemates. Salman revealed that it was a plan attack by Shivashish on Deepak. Shivashish said that he agrees that he kicked Deepak and the task wouldn’t have been possible without it. Romil said that more than the task it was a personal grudge.
9:25pm: Surbhi said Dipika has two faces and uses people. She said is she had to evict Sreesanth it could have been done better saying that he is a strong competition to her but why is she getting emotions in between. Dipika, in return, said that she has played the role of Simar for long years and it is difficult for people here to accept that I am too caring and concerned about people just like Simar. Salman on the other hand compliments Dipika for being Shatir and says it is good to be smart and play the game well. Dushman Na Kare Dost Ne Woh Kaam Kiya Hain, was the song dedicated to Dipika by Salman. Dipika in her defence says that Sreesanth was missing home and would be happy if he would have returned home.
9:10pm: Salman questions Anupji and Sreesanth on what basis did they change the name tag in the task and how did they select the contestants. Sreesanth said that Dipika is playing a very smart game and he is not liking her game. Anupji also added that Dipika is acting well showing her tears. Nehha doesn’t take her own decisions and Dipika controls her, said Sreesanth.When Salman asked about what changes he has seen after coming in the outhouse, he said he was shocked to see Dipika’s attitude. Sreesanth said that he is going to plan and play the game better once he returns to the house.
9:05pm: Contestants were given a task where they had to give a name tag to each other like Double Dholki, Buddhu, Shatir etc. And, a major fight took place among the contestants due to lack of unity among them. According to the majority, Saba was tagged as Double Dholki, Deepak as Dhookebazz, Karanvir as Kapatti, Shivashish as Bewakoof and Romil as Shatir. Then Anup ji and Sreesanth were asked by Bigg Boss to decide and given their opinion on the same, and they said Nehha is bewakoof, Romil is the kapatti, Sourabh is double dholki and Dipika is Shatir.