Bigg Boss 12
Bigg Boss 12

Every day in the Bigg Boss house brings out a different avatar of the housemates but this one saw an actual transformation.
Sreesanth and Deepak Thakur seem to be bonding well and it was the former who spent close to an hour on giving the latter a new hairstyle. And we must say it doesn’t look bad, doesn’t look bad at all.

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Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 12 is now showing multiple colours of housemates’ personalities in the house. While Khan sisters as always were seen fighting with other housemates, captains Kriti and Roshmi have now too, become the target of many housemates. Especially, this hatred was seen in the nomination process which involved many twists and turns.
So, take a look at what happened on day 8 in the Bigg Boss 12 house:

  • The episode beings with captains Kriti and Roshmi in a fun mood and the latter accidentally falls into the swimming pool. Kriti too gets in the vibe and pushes Shivashish along with his mic in the pool. This act by Kriti was indeed a rule-break of the house. Later, Kriti purposely put her hand on a mic and talked with Shivashish.

  • As the day starts, Bigg Boss wakes up the contestants with the sultry song ‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani.’ The song denoted a huge fault made by captain Kriti.
  • Later, unaware of Bigg Boss’ decision, the contestants were shown a clip featuring how each contestant had not followed the rules of the house, for example, speaking in English, not wearing mics, sleeping during the day etc.  Surprisingly, even the captains of the house had not followed the rules. Everyone was seen gleefully watching the video until Bigg Boss announced the consequences of breaking the rules.

  • After Bigg Boss’ big announcement, Somi-Sabah get into a verbal fight with Kriti Verma. Somi then says, “Haan yaar har cheez ko hasi-mazak me mat liya karo.” Kriti angrily says, “Somi ek baat yaad rakho, apna apna style hota hai.”
    But Kriti at the end says, “Mera yeh level hai hi nai k me tumse baat kru.”
    Later in the video we also see Roshmi crying and saying that she warned Kriti to be strict.

  • As the nomination process began, Bigg Boss announced open nominations amidst the set-up of a graveyard. As a part of the task, the contestants had to pick up the wax statues of the Jodi or singles and put it in a melting pot stating the reason behind nominating them. Bigg Boss also gave a special power to Kriti and Roshmi with which they could save one contestant.

  • After every housemates’ votes, Kriti-Roshmi, Dipika Kakar, Romil-Nirmal, Karanvir Bohra got nominated for the eviction on this week.
  • Post-nomination process, Khan sisters scolded Kriti-Roshmi for not saving them as per their promise. Further, Roshmi also slams Kriti for her mistakes which indirectly affecting her stay in the house as well. Now, let’s see what happens on the day of the luxury budget task.