Bigg Boss
Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss is becoming more entertaining as the days are passing. After the double eviction the show surprised fans by wild card entry of Roadies contestant Surbhi Rana along with Ramil Choudary spiced up the drama of the show.  Now the concept of Jwalamukhi task is introduced in the show which is making show more interesting.

The audience is going to witness yet another high-voltage drama in the upcoming episode. In last nights episode, Surbhi Rana, Shivashish Mishra and Somi Khan are competing for the captaincy next week. The three contestants must hold a ring during the task. Without using power, candidates have to make sure that other members lose the ring.
During the same task, a major tiff took place between Surbhi and Somi. The war escalated to another level as both parties started hurling abuses. On tonight’s episode, it so happens that, Nehha, who is governing the task, will ask Somi to leave the ring. Reason?
It is seen that Dipika Kakar, who is a close ally of Pendse, also says that although she has always supported Nehha in all her decisions, this time she doesn’t support her in her wrong decision.