Bigg Boss
Bigg Boss

After Anup Jalota’s eviction, the game plan in the Bigg Boss house changes drastically. The singer, who is now sitting in the secret room spies on his girlfriend Jasleen. He feels weird when he sees Jasleen happy even after his elimination.The singer is left heartbroken as Jasleen doesn’t seem to be affected by his absence.
Anup Jalota was also shocked to see his co-contestants Surbhi Rana, Romil Chaudhary and Sourabh Patel gossiping about him. The singer, who was always respected by the housemates, is left heartbroken and is disturbed to see them talk about him in such a demeaning way.

Sreesanth, Karanvir and Neha get nominated for the next eliminations. Also, Bigg Boss conducts captaincy task in which the contestants get divided into policemen and prisoners.
As a part of the task, the team were divided into two groups – Prisoners and Policemen. Sreesanth, Nehha, Jasleen, Deepak, Surbhi, Sorabh and Somi were the prisoners and Karanvir, Dipika, Srishty, Saba, Shivashish, Romil and Urvashi were the police officers. With every buzzer the jail’s door opened and two policemen had to guard the door.

The prisoners needed to jump a wall and try to flee while the policemen had to stop them. The last one to jump the wall, was eliminated from the competition. As always, this task too saw the competitive spirit of each contestants shine out.
Romil and Dipika got into a brawl and so did Karanvir and Surbhi. Surbhi alleged Karanvir of foul play and Dipika thought Romil was biased towards his jodidaar – Surbhi.

The next alarm goes and Surbhi is not able to come out of the prison so she is out of the game. She’s not happy at all. Sree, Nehha, Somi and Jasleen are the ones who are still in the game and in the run for the captaincy. Srishty has a word with Nehha and says that she will be the next one to go, since Romil wont target his own team members.
The alarm goes again. Sree and Jasleen cross the wall while, Somi and Nehha get caught by Saba and Srishty. Eventually Somi breaks free and Nehha is the one who couldn’t cross the wall so she’s out of the game. Nehha discusses how Srishty has played the game and favoured the Khan sisters.

The alarm goes again and this time it’s Jasleen who’s prevented from crossing the wall. Finally, Sreesanth and Somi are in the running for captaincy. Saba and Somi are now trying to convince Sreesanth to give up the captaincy for the Khan sisters.
KV and Romil are the ones to guard the gate and the prisoners. Saba goes to Deepak and says that he can disqualify the other contestant if he sees inappropriate gestures.