A lot of things happened in Bigg Boss 12 house, this week, especially after the wild card – Rohit Suchanti’s entry. The contestants were seen making comments on his looks and also made homophobic jokes. This didn’t go well with fans, who have been waiting for Salman Khan to take the housemates to the task! Also, it’s time for yet another eviction! It has to be recalled that Saba Khan, Surbhi Rana, Anup Jalota and Srishty Rode were nominated for eviction.
Megha and Dipika are pitted against each other in the kitchen. The two have to prepare dishes in the kitchen. The other housemates will have to taste and judge whose food is better. Now the housemates have to decide whose food was better. Only three people voted for Dipika. So Megha wins. However, it is Salman’s hands to decide who wins. Salman announces Megha to be the winner. Salman thrashes Karanvir over his dressing.

A caller is online. He questions Sreesanth, over mixing liquid soap and milk and using that in the captaincy task. Salman announces that Anup Jalota has been evicted. He becomes the sixth housemate to walk out of the house.
When Salman asks Rohit chooses Srishty to sit with him on the love seat.

Salman then announces a task for the housemates. As per the task, he will read out a comment for a particular contestant. That contestant has to guess which other housemate must have spoken that about him. Based on his assumption he will break eggs on the other housemates’ head.

Salman announces the Sultani Akhaada task between Wolf Pack and Happy Club. Sreesanth and Surbhi are the respective captains. They choose Shivashish and Jasleen and Romil and Deepak for their respective team. In the task, Jasleen and Surbhi get into a verbal spat. The housemates support Team Happy club. It’s time for physical round.
Jasleen and Surbhi are the first ones to go. Surbhi wins the round. The next one are Shivashish and Deepak, the former wins it. The next one is Sreesanth and Romil and the former wins. There’s a tiebreaker round in which Shivashish and Romil are pitted and the former wins again. The wolf pack wins the akhaada task.

Host Salman Khan evicted Saba Khan and Anup Jalota from Bigg Boss 12 on Sunday night, leaving the housemates shocked. Anup and Saba’s farewell turned out to be an emotional affair as their respective partners Jasleen Matharu and Somi Khan shed tears on their exit.