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Bigg Boss

Here’s a happy news for all fans of Bigg Boss 12. This weekend, there would be no eviction. While host Salman Khan teased an eviction last night in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, tonight he will announce that there would be no elimination this week.
Shared a source with, “Salman has never liked the idea of an eviction in the first week of the show. He is of the opinion that the housemates need time to settle down. He had even made his thoughts vocal in the premiere night. While the makers were prepared to evict, on Salman’s perusal, they decided to call it off. This week, fans got just two days to vote and Salman felt it would be unfair to eliminate one on that basis.”
This week, singles were given a chance to pick among the jodis for eviction. They chose Somi Khan-Saba Khan, Kriti Verma-Roshmi Banik and Sourabh Patel-Shivashish Mishra. As for the jodis, they decided to nominate Dipika Kakar and Srishty Rode. While the two television actors were announced safe by Salman last night, the sword of eviction was hanging on the jodis. And this news would come as a happy surprise for them.
As per the poll by, Jaipur’s Khan Sisters had the maximum chance to get evicted this time. The duo got the maximum percentage of votes (29.55%) as against Kriti and Roshmi’s 25.26 per cent, Shivashish and Sourabh’s 19.93 per cent, Srishty’s 13.67 per cent and Dipika’s 11.59 per cent.