Bigg Boss 13 Day 1

On the first day of Bigg Boss 13, the housemates woke up after hearing the loud snoring of Sidhharth Dey. Later in the day, they all complained about Asim Riaz’s habit of speaking only English in the house, after which Koena Mitra sympathized with him and told him that the other contestants were only teasing him. During lunch, maalkin Ameesha Patel entered the house and Bigg Boss welcomed her by playing her famous track Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai. Ameesha announced that every week, a female contestant will be chosen as the ‘Queen of the Bathroom’ and will be given certain privileges. She later informed the housemates about the game that they had to play to get ration. She told them the rules, according to which the contestants had to make a line and pass on the packets of rations till the end of the row.

Next, she gave them a task of choosing the grocery items for the house by playing pass the parcel. However, as a twist, they had to pass the items with their mouths, without using their hands.



Doodh, Haldi, Ande, Gobhi aur bhi bohot kuch hai iss tedhe task mein, aap dekh rahe ho ke yeh pehla task? @BeingSalmanKhan @Vivo_India @Ameesha_Patel

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