'Bigg Boss 13' contestant Siddharth Shukla trends on Twitter

Bigg Boss 13’s day 9 began with some fight over food which then went forward and we saw “good friends” Siddharth Shukla and Rashami Desai getting into a nasty fight. Fans are really not loving Siddharth’s anger.

Here’s what his once-upon-a-time fans, or Twitterati in general wrote about the episode:


Once a clever girl said —
“Siddharth Shukla apne aap ko cool samajhte hai but wo bloody-fool hai”

Every1 slammed her💁 Even then it was Shila who has started it by saying “Aukaat”, “Bhauko mat”

But how conveniently when Celeb is targeted every1 is woke now👏

Parth Aggarwal✨HINAHOLIC❤️😍@ParthAgg0408

Ki sabse jyada intentional footage yeh hee kha rha hai chilla chilla ke!
Like this he is nt gonna win this show!!
Now m rooting for Rashmi desai and koena mitra!🙋🏻
Siddharth shukla u have disappointed your fans!!
Keep ur volume low dude!(2/2)

See Parth Aggarwal✨Initially, Siddharth Shukla had an argument with Devoleena over the parathas. Rashami Desai entered the kitchen and supported her kitchen mate Devoleena which irked Siddharth and he starting fight over it with Rashami. Their fight soon took a personal turn and they started commenting on each other’s past. Well, we thought Siddharth was unnecessarily fighting with Rashami and he surely needs to control his anger. His gentleman’s image would be lost if he continues to react in this way. Even fans are not happy with the way Siddharth Shukla behaved today. They feel he needs to keep control of his anger. Seems fans need want Siddharth Shukla to be as he was in the first week. Let’s see whether he will calm down a bit or continue with the aggression ahead.