Recently, Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates shared a picture of his father Bill Gates Sr wearing a baseball hat made from hundreds of condoms.
The post reads “#TBT to the time that my dad wore a baseball hat made from hundreds of condoms to our foundation’s annual meeting. The hat was a gift from a social activist from Thailand named Méchai Viravaidya. His efforts to destigmatize contraceptives have been so successful that he is affectionately known as “Mr. Condom,” or the “Condom King,” in his home country.”

Gates in his previous post had shared the marketing techniques Mechai used to normalise the use of condoms. He praised the man’s efforts which helped in keeping the population in check and reduced STDs drastically. He also posted a blog on Mechai’s work urging countries to take a cue from Mechai’s techniques that encouraged family planning.
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