Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa’s expanding list of cash-fueled bragging rights includes Picassos, Bugatti supercars and a ticket on Elon Musk’s rocket to the moon. He can now add to that collection the mantle of having the most-ever retweeted Twitter post.
Acting on his hubris, yet again, a Japanese billionaire has decided to distribute as many as 100 million yen (INR 6,45,69,099.38) to 100 lucky winners who share his post on social media. Thus striving to have the most retweeted Twitter post ever.

For the honor, the founder of Japan’s second-largest online shopping site Zozo Inc. will be paying out a total of 100 million yen ($920,000) to 100 lucky people who shared the post. Seeking to be one of the randomly chosen winners, Maezawa’s audience retweeted his post a record 3.8 million times, and gave it more than 900,000 “likes.”

Key Insights

  • Maezawa, who was relatively unknown outside Japan until recently, has sought to raise his global profile to make Zozo a leading global clothing brand within a decade.
  • In September, he was introduced as the first passenger on a flight to the moon scheduled for 2023, on a rocket built by Musk’s SpaceX.
  • Maezawa made a splash in the art world in 2017 when he spent $110.5 million on a single Jean-Michel Basquiat painting at a Sotheby’s auction, setting a record for an American artist’s work at the time.
  • In October, Maezawa tweeted that he purchased a 1717 Stradivarius violin.
  • He tweets under the handle @yousuck2020 and his number of followers has surged to 4.27 million, from a little over 500,000 before his giveaway promotion

Along with his tweet, he wrote, “To participate, all you have to do is follow me and RT this tweet,” on January 5.
The tweet featured a picture of a man astride a rocket silhouetted against full moon, in a style of the iconic image from the movie ‘E.T’ as well. His tweet, as of January 7, has become the most retweeted tweet ever.