boman to make directorial debut

Boman Irani is an actor who is known for the diversity of roles that he has played in a handful of different genres. Currently, he has been gearing up to make his debut as a director and now it seems that he is ready to take on the role. Boman has finished his work on the script and is currently on a talent hunt making his way through the casting process of the film which is not an easy one. The film will go on the floors in the first half of 2020. The senior actor also told the publication that is maiden directorial venture is going to be a father-son story.

When asked if his experience as an actor made it easier for him to direct, Boman answered in the negative. He said that in the end, nothing is easy in this world and it’s only a person’s work that will take him ahead. Boman had opened up on his desire to make a film. He had said, “I realised I needed a good script. It’s very hard to find one.  I am someone who studied acting by reading books for years. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to an institute but I attended workshops. Creativity goes hand-in-hand with science; in fact it comes after science. It’s taken me some time to understand the craft behind writing films.

I was in no hurry and I even slowed down on my films. I travelled to the US, spent time with my mentor and did workshops there. In the next decade, I agree that I can do 60 or 100 films more…So what? What after that? But learning something new and applying it can keep the excitement up. At my age, I am happy to make my debut once again, this time as a filmmaker, who is also a grand daddy.”