Horror movies go to great lengths to make us uncomfortable, but they often avoid putting kids in harm’s way.

“The Boy Behind the Door” does precisely that. Twice.

The debut feature from “The Djinn” directors David Charbonier and Justin Powell isn’t exploiting our paternal instincts. Instead, the film allows two preteens to deal with a crisis out of any parent’s worst nightmare.

Bobby (Lonnie Chavis) and best buddy Kevin (Ezra Dewey) are out having typical boy fun – including talk of their collective tomorrows – when a stranger abducts the pair. The film has barely started and the genre template is in motion. One of the two lads escapes his captor and is about to flee when he hears the muffled cries of his friend.

He can’t run for freedom. Not yet.

“Door” spikes the tension early and it only lessens a time or two throughout the film. The boys are…

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