Britney Spears' ex-husband accuses her dad for abusing their son

In a shocking turn of events, Kevin Federline has accused Britney Spears father of child abuse. The rapper, who also goes by the name K-Fed, came out to claim that Jamie Spears laid hands on the Kevin and Britney’s 13-year-old son Sean Preston. Several international reports reveal that the grandfather got into an heated argument with the teenage boy and things did not go down well. It has been reported that the argument took place on August 24. Kevin has filed a police report against Jaime and accused him of “physical altercation.”

According to TMZ, the incident took place at Jaime’s Ventura County home. Insiders told the publication that Jamie “broke down a door to get to his grandson and grabbed him once he was in the room.” However, source reveal there were no visible bruises on the teenage boy.

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Kevin’s representative, powerhouse Los Angeles family law attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan, told PEOPLE the incident took place when Sean and his brother, Jayden James, 12, were visiting Britney at Jamie’s house. “There was a disagreement that occurred while Britney and the children were visiting with Jamie at his home that led to a physical altercation that was observed by Jayden. Britney did the right thing and removed the children and took them out of there, but the trauma to the kids is nonetheless,” he said.

It has also been reported that Kevin has been granted a restraining order on behalf of his sons. The allegations have made the headlines after Kevin and Britney’s custody arrangement was altered. Kevin now has custody of the boys 70 percent of the time. The pair previously shared a 50-50 custody since their split in 2007. The couple parted ways in July 2007 after two years of marriage.