Gay-themed romances aren’t new to Tinsel Town. Think “Brokeback Mountain,” “Happiest Season” and “Call Me By Your Name,” for starters.

“Bros” is still a very different kind of film. It’s a rom-com featuring two male characters with all the trappings of a major studio release.

Everything else here is unapologetically heterodox.

The film’s frank depictions of gay sex, culture and identity set it far apart from any mainstream movie. All of the above suggests the story might coast on those factors, content that its groundbreaking nature requires little else in our woke age.

Instead, “Bros” delivers well-defined characters, smart dialogue and, best of all, laughter. The story’s insistence on diving into a “grooming” culture war battle, though, may lose a sizable group of viewers.

It’s an unforced error in a story seeking, and mostly earning,…

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