Cirkus Review {2.0/5} & Review Rating

CIRKUS is the story of mistaken identity. The year is 1942. Dr. Roy Jamnadas (Murli Sharma) and Joy Jamnadas (Uday Tikekar) run the Jamnadas Orphanage. As part of an experiment, he separates two sets of twins and hands them over to two families for adoption. The first set gets adopted by an Ooty couple who run the Jubilee Circus. The other set is adopted by the Shenoys of Bangalore. Interestingly, both name their adopted children Roy and Joy, after Roy and Joy Jamnadas! The story then moves 30 years ahead. Roy # 1 (Ranveer Singh) and Joy # 1 (Varun Sharma) run the Jubilee Circus after the death of their foster parents. Roy is known as the ‘electric man’ as he is able to perform electricity-based stunts. Audiences are surprised to see that the current passes through his body and he doesn’t get electrocuted. Roy # 1 is married to Mala (Pooja…

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