Since Monday, the government has begun administering the precautionary vaccine dose to healthcare and frontline workers, as well as those over 60 with comorbidities. This has proven to be a source of joy for the elderly actors who are considering refusing to work during the current virus crisis.

“Having a booster dose is very important right now. Kissi ko it will give 100 percent protection, kissi ko 90 percent degi, aur kissi ko 75 percent.. The main point is that there is an added layer of protection. What is wrong with it? I think it is very wise and no one should hesitate to go for it,” says actor Aruna Irani, 75, adding that she is eagerly waiting to get the precautionary dose herself.

“It has become the need of the hour today, as the Omicron surge has come along with so much tension. Kaam bandh kar diye hai. After almost two years, I started taking up work in December….

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