For Pooja Chopra, it has been quite challenging few days after she tested positive for Covid-19. The actor says that while her symptoms are mild, she’s finding it hard to cope with the situation.

“It ‘s not easy at all. I didn’t expect it to be this way. I’ve been into fitness for a long time, but breathing is still an issue… the body ache and fever is there. I’m sleeping for 16 hours a day and I’m still waking up tired and exhausted. It’s insane. I’ve lost my sense of taste and smell and anything I eat tastes like sawdust,” she tells us.

The Commando (2013) actor was in Goa for the shoot of her film, Jahaan Chaar Yaar and her co-star, actor Meher Vij tested positive for Covid-19.

“So, we had to wrap up the shoot. Our producer took that call and I’m happy that he did. After that when I returned to Mumbai and was supposed to meet my sister and mother, but told them not to come and see me because I wasn’t sure if I’d develop symptoms. So. I just stepped out one day to get groceries because there wasn’t anything at home. But now, I’m glad that I didn’t meet them as just after two days, I got symptoms like weakness, blackouts, body ache and fever,” she shares.

What’s made it worse and more “challenging” is the fact that Chopra is all alone locked up in the house.

“I’m trying to keep my spirits high because it’s very easy to spiral down right now, with so many things happening around and also when I’m in such a vulnerable health condition. I can totally imagine what people outside are going through,” she notes.

However, the actor is getting all the support and help that she can, amid these tough times, even from her colleagues in Bollywood.

“My family doctor is a Covid specialist. I’m sharing all health updates with him. Since I shared the news, Manoj Bajpayee sent me an entire list of medicines and breathing exercises I should follow. Farah Khan messaged and said that if I needed food, since I’m staying alone, I should let her know,” she says.

In fact, Chopra herself is doing whatever she can via social media, to help those in need.

“It’s making me feel better. It started organically because when you’re unwell and at home, there’s nothing much to do besides watching TV or being on your phone. I got a request for a man who needed a hospital bed for his mother. My family doctor has five hospitals around Mumbai and within few minutes, we could arrange a bed. I felt so good after doing that and I’m going to continue to do whatever I can,” she concludes.

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