World building isn’t as easy as the MCU made it look.

Marvel used 2008’s “Iron Man” as the starting point for the most successful film “universe” in recent times. Audiences often didn’t realize that Marvel Cinematic Universe was a work in progress, a tapestry brimming with superheroes and foes.

“Day Shift,” Netflix’s attempt at a comedy horror franchise, wears its intentions on its sleeves. The film repeatedly stops to spell out the new vampire lore. And, by the third act, we see all the players the streamer hopes to bring back for Round 2, 3 and more.

Whether you’ll be eager for those stories depends on your tolerance for extreme gore and missed comic opportunities.

Jamie Foxx stars as Bud, who uses a pool cleaning service as cover for his real gig – vampire hunter. In “Day Shift” lore, vampires are everywhere, and the best hunters belong to a…

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