Major spoilers for Dead to Me season 3 ahead.

Netflix’s smash-hit dark comedy Dead to Me may have ended with its jaw-dropping third season, but that doesn’t mean we’re doing okay. As usual, the show left us with as many questions as it did answers, and not everyone is ready to let go of Jen and Judy’s wild friendship just yet.

Discussing that dramatic season 3 finale, creator Liz Feldman tells, “I’m really lucky that I got to write and direct the final episode. Everything you see is exactly as I tend intended you to see it. Those choices are all deliberate and the questions I answer and the questions I don’t answer are all very, very purposeful.”

Here, we ask Feldman to break down Dead to Me‘s heartbreaking finale, and find out if Jen and Judy will ever return to our screens.

Was Judy always going to die? And is she really dead?

After learning that her cancer was…

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