Deepika Padukone and Hrithik Roshan have collaborated for the first time for Siddharth Anand’s action thriller Fighter. In a recent interview, Deepika talked about her on-screen chemistry with co-star Hrithik.

The film was announced on Hrithik’s birthday last year when he tweeted: “Presenting a glimpse of the MARFLIX vision as Fighter! Looking forward to my first flight alongside the exceptional Deepika Padukone. All buckled up for this Siddharth Anand joyride.”

Now, in an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Deepika visibly blushed and exclaimed: “Have you seen us?” when asked about her chemistry with Hrithik. Talking about working with Hrithik, she said: “I have always wanted to work with him, I feel like, you know sometimes it’s not just about wanting to work with someone, I just feel like there are so many things, it has to be the right script, it has to be the right director,…

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