BTS fans are sharp and observant. From the outfits of the septet to the interiors of their homes, ARMY does not miss anything. Even Indian Bangtan fans known as Desimys have a sharp eye. Well, as we know, Kim Taehyung is the fashion king of BTS. Whether it is the red Fendi dress he wore as a top or his silk shirts for Pied Piper and Gucci look for Dynamite, BTS V knows how to slay. One of his fave looks is in the KITH pullover from the fifth Muster. The concert was held in Seoul and Busan. The event had happened from June 15 to 23 in Korea. Some of the memorable fan cams of songs like Pied Piper, Ddaeng, Boy With Luv, Dimple and so on are from that Muster. Also Read – BTS: Jimmy Kimmel compares the K-pop band to Covid-19; ARMY is SUPER Upset – View Tweets

Well, an Indian delivery guy was seen wearing the same KITH silk shirt worn by Kim Taehyung. The Versace outfit looked super…

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