Veteran actor Dharmendra shared a video of himself on Instagram, taking a booster shot for covid-19. The actors also encouraged people to get the dose. Sharing the video, Dharmendra wrote, “Friends, humble request please take the booster dose.” 

In the video, Dharmendra can be seen sitting on a sofa as he tells the nurse to give him the booster shot. He says, “Booster le raha hun booster. Sabko lena chhaiye (I am taking the booster shot of Covid-19. Everyone should take it).” After he gets injected, he says, “Dard bhi nahi hua mujhe (It is not painful at all).” He then adds, “Mask lagana chhaiye (People should also wear masks).” He later tells the nurse, “God bless you” and “jeeti raho (live ).” Dharmendra also thanked the doctors around him.

Many fans reacted to the video in the comments section on Twitter. Dr Sandeep Gulhane commented saying, “Thank you for…

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