Diljit Dosanjh is known for shutting down his haters, sometimes even celebrities, in his trademark style. The actor-singer has now given it back to a Twitter follower in pure Punjabi for making fun of his picture from a fuel station. 

Last week, Diljit had shared a picture which showed him refilling his fuel tank at a fuel station all by himself, in a foreign country. “Somewhere On Planet Earth,” he had written in caption.  

Commenting on the picture, one of his Twitter follower wrote in Punjabi, “There (overseas), you have to fill your car’s gas tank yourself. What’s the use if there is so much shortage (of people) there. You (being Diljit Dosanjh) should have 2-4 guys at your service for such things. Rest, don’t take offence of what I said.”

Diljit replied to him on Twitter in Punjabi, “Mama…it’s about the mindset. This mindset makes a task big or small. Change your…

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