Early in Don’t Worry Darling, Alice (Florence Pugh) diligently cleans her picture-perfect suburban home in a stylish print frock protected by an equally chic floral apron. Every detail in Olivia Wilde’s much-discussed second feature, from the manicured lawns to the beautiful dresses hanging on the clothing line, is a snapshot of the idyllic Victory community.

But appearances are deceptive, and the psychological thriller starring Academy Award-nominee Pugh and global superstar Harry Styles as a happily married (and horny) couple has many secrets bubbling beneath the shiny Victory surface—on and off screen. At the recent Venice Film Festival, both made a splash on the red carpet in Valentino and Gucci, but they look equally suited to the late ‘50s backdrop.

“This is postwar American idealism when women were glamorous housewives,” costume designer Arianne Phillips tells…

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