“Don’t Worry Darling” can’t get out of its own way.

Director Olivia Wilde’s second feature confirms her knack for gorgeous details. That aesthetic sense, flashed in 2019’s “Booksmart,” looms large over this dystopian drama. She’s not a visionary, yet, but she’s knock-knock-knocking on that cinematic door.

Too bad her loud and proud feminism keeps invading the screen. A subtle touch may have made “Darling” a winner, if not exactly Oscar bait.

Instead, we’re left with an obvious message movie bereft of surprises. Perhaps Wilde can revisit the material one day and give it the storytelling spit polish it deserves.

Florence Pugh and Harry Styles star as Alice and Jack, a beautiful couple living in a beautiful cul-de-sac in beautiful ‘50s era USA. Jack toils for the Victory Project, a mysterious company overseen by a boss who doubles as a motivational…

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